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Rovedar Journals Secure Long-Term Accessibility with PKP and Portico


We are thrilled to announce that the scientific Journals of Rovedar have taken a significant step forward in preserving and disseminating scholarly knowledge. We are pleased to inform our valued readers, contributors, and the academic community that the Journals of Rovedar are now archived in both the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) and Portico. This momentous achievement reinforces our commitment to long-term accessibility and ensures that our valuable research content will be available for generations to come. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have contributed to making this milestone possible, and we look forward to continuing our mission of [...]

Rovedar Journals Secure Long-Term Accessibility with PKP and Portico2023-09-25T17:11:49+03:30

Comparison of ChatGPT and a Human Editor


In the previous post, we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of having a human editor or an AI tool like ChatGPT. In this post, we summarize the features of each and compare their features. Relevant and contextual editing The strengths of ChatGPT are its quick identification and correction of errors, uniformity in editing, and scalability. Large text databases can be analyzed, and it can learn from those analyses to get better at editing over time. However, it has drawbacks like the inability to grasp linguistic nuance and context, as well as the propensity to produce inappropriate or [...]

Comparison of ChatGPT and a Human Editor2023-05-09T10:30:34+03:30

Human editors, or ChatGPT for Reliable Publication-ready Work?


ChatGPT was first developed as a writing tool, but it's now also making waves in the editing industry. But is it doing the job properly? It is free, efficient, and generally correct. Does this imply that it will supplant human editors? We can only learn more by making a thorough and unbiased comparison between the two. The production and distribution of text-based material have reached previously unheard-of levels thanks to the internet and the exponential growth of digital data, necessitating effective and reliable text editing techniques. Therefore, in today's information-driven society, the significance of contrasting ChatGPT and expert human text [...]

Human editors, or ChatGPT for Reliable Publication-ready Work?2023-05-05T01:36:52+03:30

ISI Delisted Journals


The suspension of the largest journal from the MDPI publishing group by the ISI has arrived. It is time for serious combat against mega-journals. Recently, the ISI has removed the indexed journal International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH; published by the large MDPI publishing group) from its list. This means that IJERPH no longer has an impact factor. Why is this very important news? What are the consequences of this removal for the journal, its authors, the publishing world, and other mega-journals? The news was very shocking: "WoS has announced several removal lists [...]

ISI Delisted Journals2023-04-23T11:41:40+03:30

Rovedar Publication Services Can be Followed on Google News


We are excited to announce that Rovedar Publication Services website is now available on Google News. This means you can easily follow our latest updates and news by searching for our website on Google News or adding us to your Google News feed. We are thrilled to be part of this prestigious platform and look forward to bringing you even more quality content in the future. Thank you for your continued support. In today's digital age, keeping up with the latest news and updates can be daunting. However, thanks to the power of technology, we [...]

Rovedar Publication Services Can be Followed on Google News2023-04-15T22:24:33+03:30

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