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At Rovedar, our service is specially designed to help busy researchers sail through submission requirements without the added hassles of submission anxiety. We offer an article submission service that can help to streamline the submission process and increase the chances of acceptance by the target journal.

Our article submission service involves working closely with the author to ensure that the manuscript meets the specific guidelines and requirements of the target journal. Our team of experienced reviewers carefully review the manuscript, checking for issues such as formatting, style, and referencing. We also assist with the preparation of supplementary materials, such as cover letters and response letters to reviewers.

Our article submission service is designed to help authors navigate the complex submission process and increase their chances of acceptance by the target journal. We have a deep understanding of the submission process, and we work closely with authors to ensure that their manuscript is presented in the best possible way. With our article submission service, authors can save time and avoid the stress associated with the submission process, while also increasing their chances of acceptance by the target journal.

Journal Submission

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Service Requirement Turnaround Time Prices
Journal Submission After preparing all necessary files and the declaration form 1 day 20 USD
Journal Submission Rovedar preparation of cover letter 1 day 50 USD

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Here is a sample of a cover letter prepared by Rovedar Publication Services.

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