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As a company offering publication services, we understand that proper citation is a critical aspect of scientific writing, and can greatly impact the credibility and impact of a manuscript. That’s why we offer a citation correction service that can help authors ensure that their citations conform to the specific guidelines of the target journal.

Our citation correction service involves reviewing the manuscript and comparing the citations against the specific guidelines provided by the target journal. Our team of expert reviewers are highly experienced in scientific writing and are familiar with the citation styles used by a wide range of scientific journals. We provide detailed feedback to the author, pointing out any areas where the citations may need to be corrected, and making suggestions for improvement.

Our citation correction service can help authors to ensure that their citations are accurate, complete, and conform to the specific guidelines of the target journal. This can help to increase the credibility and impact of the manuscript, and improve the chances of acceptance for publication. With our citation correction service, authors can have confidence that their citations are meeting the highest standards of scientific writing, and that their work is being presented in the best possible light.

Reference correction

For journals with no defined EndNote Style, reference checks and corrections will be made manually.

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Service Number of References Turnaround Time Price
Citation correction per 10 references 1 day 5 USD

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