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CrossMark Activation Guide


CrossMark enables journals with a DOI to display article updates through a separate CrossMark button. This feature allows readers to easily find the current status of each article. This plugin displays various details, such as the list of authors, article submission date, and the article's update status. Steps to activate CrossMark: 1. First, create a page, preferably named "crossmark-policy." The sample content for this page is as follows: CrossMark Policy CrossMark is a multi-publisher initiative to provide a standard way for readers to locate the authoritative version of an article or other published content. By applying the CrossMark logo, Rovedar [...]

CrossMark Activation Guide2024-04-25T12:09:32+03:30

Social Media and Scientific Writing


The story of scholarly publication has changed as a result of the growth of social media. Academics are no longer constrained to exclusive conferences or the stale pages of scholarly publications. Through the power of social media, they may connect with other researchers who share their interests and gain input from users all over the internet. The field of scholarly publication has transformed because of social media, which has created a ton of new opportunities for data collecting, collaboration, and enhanced visibility. The difficulties of upholding quality control, safeguarding intellectual property rights, and juggling ethical considerations and information overload cannot [...]

Social Media and Scientific Writing2023-05-23T16:35:42+03:30

How to Turn Your Ph.D. Thesis into a Successful Book


It is beneficial to undertake research as part of a PhD. It is beneficial to both the researcher, who has invested countless hours in the effort, and those determining whether the research should lead to the award of a PhD degree. However, can larger audiences benefit from the study? The short answer is yes; research done as part of a PhD is at the core of many successful academic books. What choices to think about before publishing your Ph.D. thesis as a book? The vast majority of the time, journal articles are used to publish PhD research. The [...]

How to Turn Your Ph.D. Thesis into a Successful Book2023-05-18T10:27:12+03:30

How Researchers Can Increase Their Visibility


Once your research is published, your hard work as a researcher does not end. Increasing the visibility of your study is a responsibility of yours. This can be difficult and involves a lot of work. Although learning how to advertise your study can be awkward at times, the effort is worthwhile. A greater number of people finding your study may read it and contribute to it as more people become aware of it. It may also open up prospects for future collaboration. To begin enhancing your research's visibility, read the rest of this blog post. Developing a [...]

How Researchers Can Increase Their Visibility2023-05-14T13:15:25+03:30

Human Translation or Software Translation?


Today, when we hear the word "translation", we usually think of Google Translate and similar tools. If we don't get the desired results, we turn to a professional human translator. Human translation is called natural translation, whereas translation carried out by computers and other smart tools is called software translation. What are the characteristics of natural translation? Although humans perform natural translation, the translator can use computers and other translation tools. Natural translation means that the main decision-maker for the translation content is human. The translator can use a tool to translate the text that needs to be [...]

Human Translation or Software Translation?2023-04-23T11:37:12+03:30

Reference Management Software Solutions for Your Research


Students, scholars, authors, and researchers all have to conduct a significant amount of research online. Managing and organizing so many references might be intimidating, especially if you're doing it manually because there are many different databases, online journals, and websites. Many reference management software applications make keeping track of your references a breeze. Here are the top 5 software determined by Rovedar Publication Services. Publication Services. EndNote If you are working on a research paper with others,EndNote is a terrific tool. It is the best choice for collaborations because it allows you to share with up to 14 [...]

Reference Management Software Solutions for Your Research2023-04-11T23:56:27+03:30

Why Should Not Republish Translated Articles


It has become more and more common for authors to submit a translated piece that has previously been published in another language. How moral is it, though? In this article, we'll talk about secondary submission ethics and why it is improper to republish a translated version of an already-published work. We'll also look at how writers might stay clear of such transgressions while still having their work translated into other languages. Why do researchers translate an already published article? For several reasons, academics could decide to translate and republish an already-published article. The original article can be written in a [...]

Why Should Not Republish Translated Articles2023-04-11T23:58:05+03:30

Tips for Successful Academic Conference Presentation


How to get the most out of conferences? Academic conferences can significantly pave the way for your research career. They allow you to network, find new co-authors or collaborators, keep up with the most recent advancements in research, and gain a broader perspective on your area. However, it can be intimidating to attend a conference for the first time. If you are presenting your work at the conference, you will have new names to memorize, new concepts to understand, and feedback to consider. So, in this essay, we walk you through some of the essential factors to make the most [...]

Tips for Successful Academic Conference Presentation2023-03-03T18:29:47+03:30

Various Types of Open Access in Scientific Journals


Open access is an evolving path for scientific communication because it gives researchers maximum access to research related to their field and also helps the researcher to have a broader view of their research. So, scientific associations, investors, and many academics support open access and seek to raise awareness of its potential benefits. In recent years, free access has steadily gained momentum. Most magazines and publishers today have open-access channels, and authors have the right to publish their articles freely. As a result, researchers can increase their chances of being seen and read by publishing their work in reputable open [...]

Various Types of Open Access in Scientific Journals2023-03-12T21:14:19+03:30

Common Misconceptions about Open Access


Authors are often unsure about publishing their articles in open access journals. This is largely due to some common misconceptions about open access magazines. Here are some common misconceptions: Open access journals have a low impact factor: this is one of the most common misconceptions among authors. Many open access journals publish articles that are highly cited and receive high impact factors. For example, Living Reviews in Relativity has an impact factor of 32. In addition, authors should keep in mind that the impact factor is not the most reliable quality indicator of a journal. Publication in open access journals [...]

Common Misconceptions about Open Access2023-03-12T09:38:15+03:30

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