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Plagiarism involves any attempt to use the ideas, words, or work done earlier by other people, without giving them the credit. It is impossible for an academic researcher not to report the findings of previous researchers. However, paraphrasing is a technique that allows you to borrow ideas from other works so as to avoid plagiarism.

We at Rovedar Publication Services also understand that the language used in academic writing can often be complex and technical, making it difficult for readers to understand. To help authors communicate their research effectively, we offer a paraphrasing service that can simplify and clarify the language used in their manuscripts.

Our paraphrasing service involves rewording and restructuring sentences in a way that retains the original meaning of the text, but presents it in a clearer and more concise way. This can be particularly useful for non-native English speakers, who may struggle with the nuances of the language. Our team of expert paraphrasers are highly skilled in scientific language and are trained to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the original work, while also making it more accessible to readers.

Our paraphrasing service can help authors to communicate their research more effectively, increase the impact of their work, and reach a wider audience. Whether it’s simplifying technical language for general readership, or ensuring that a manuscript conforms to specific journal guidelines, our paraphrasing service is designed to meet the needs of authors and researchers seeking to improve the clarity and accessibility of their academic writing.

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Service Word Count Turnaround Time  Prices
Paraphrasing per 4000 words (similarity index <30%) 1 day 110 USD
Paraphrasing per 4000 words (similarity index <60%) 1 day 140 USD
Paraphrasing 4000-5000 words (similarity index <30%) 1 day 170 USD
Paraphrasing 4000-5000 words (similarity index <60%) 1 day 200 USD

*Please note that we do not offer the paraphrasing service for manuscripts with a similarity index of >60%.

*Similarity index is checked with iThenticate

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