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As a company offering publication services, we understand the importance of reaching a global audience with your work. That’s why we offer translation services to authors and researchers looking to expand their readership beyond their native language. Our team of expert translators are fluent in a wide range of languages and are highly experienced in the specialized fields of veterinary, medical sciences, humanities, and engineering.

Our translation service is designed to provide accurate and high-quality translations of scientific manuscripts, research papers, and other academic literature. We understand the nuances of scientific language and the importance of maintaining the integrity of the original work, while also ensuring that the translated content is clear and accessible to readers in the target language. With our translation service, authors can reach a wider audience and increase the impact of their research on a global scale. Whether it’s translating a manuscript for submission to an international journal, or translating conference proceedings for a multilingual audience, we are committed to providing the highest quality translation service to meet the needs of our clients.


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We offer translation services in the following languages:

English, Arabic, Persian, Russian, French

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Service Word Count Turnaround Time Prices
Translation per page (300 words) 1 page in 1 day 35 USD

English to Russian

English to Russian

Persian to English

Persian to English

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