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Plagiarism is a serious concern for authors and researchers seeking to publish their work in reputable scientific journals. To help our clients ensure the originality of their work, Rovedar Publication Services offer a plagiarism report service that can detect any instances of plagiarism in their manuscripts.

Our plagiarism report service involves using advanced plagiarism detection software to compare the manuscript against a vast database of existing literature. This helps to identify any sections of the manuscript that may have been copied or closely paraphrased from other sources, even unintentionally. Our team of experienced reviewers then analyze the results to determine whether any instances of plagiarism are present, and provide detailed feedback to the author.

Our plagiarism report service can help authors to ensure that their work is original and free from any potential ethical concerns related to plagiarism. It can also help to increase the likelihood of their manuscript being accepted for publication, as many scientific journals have strict policies regarding plagiarism. With our plagiarism report service, authors can have confidence in the originality and integrity of their work, and be assured that they are meeting the highest ethical standards in scientific publishing.


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Service Number Number of manuscript submissions per month (25,000 words and below) Turnaround Time Prices per artticle
Plagiarism Check 1 1 day 45 USD
Plagiarism Check 2 1 day 30 USD
Plagiarism Check 3 1 day 25 USD
Plagiarism Check 4 1 day 20 USD
Plagiarism Check 5 1 day 15 USD
Plagiarism Check 6 1 day 10 USD
Plagiarism Check 7 1 day 8 USD
Plagiarism Check 8 1 day 7 USD
Plagiarism Check 9 1 day 6 USD
Plagiarism Check 10 1 day 5 USD

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