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Poor English can hinder the publication of research. Recent studies have indicated that poor English is a factor that puts some scientists in a difficult position. Examining some articles, one can see that some poorly written articles are difficult to evaluate.

Poor English not only includes explicit spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, but also run-on sentence structure, incorrect phrases, and odd words. The mentioned issues may distract the readers and reviewers. It is irrelevant to evaluate the scientific quality of a manuscript based on a person for whom English is not the first language. However, the poor language may delay both the review and subsequent editing of the manuscript. Some language errors are minor flaws in a research paper, and the reviewers may not even notice them, but some errors may considerably affect the presentation of the idea in the research paper. In the worst case, poor English makes it impossible for the reviewers to evaluate the article.

Even after the publication of a research paper, a poorly written article may be cited less because fewer people, especially those who publish in popular English-language journals, are more likely to read it. If English is not your first language, you may be upset by the unfair advantage of those for whom English is not a serious obstacle. However, do not assume that all English natives can write perfect English. You can avoid some of the common English mistakes in articles by reviewing them in your manuscript.

Being able to write in a good language is a skill, even when it is your first language. Like all other skills, you can master it with practice and adequate training. Being able to write in your second language is a skill that needs constant growth as you master it. On the other hand, you may find that it is better to spend time doing research rather than learning English. In this case, you can benefit from the help of a professional language editor. There are quite a few reputable editing companies and you can choose any one of them. In fact, Rovedar also has an English editing service.