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Five Suggestions for Transforming A Conference Paper into a Journal Article


Learning how to convert a conference paper into a journal article is a worthwhile skill for any academic. Conference papers are a great way to present your findings to colleagues and get their feedback on improving your work. It is doubtful that your conference paper will be published as is because the publication of conference papers is uncommon. However, it can still serve as the base for a journal paper. We will look at how to improve your conference paper and turn it into a fantastic journal article in this blog. What is the difference between a conference [...]

Five Suggestions for Transforming A Conference Paper into a Journal Article2023-04-25T16:25:25+03:30

ChatGPT as a Co-author: Ethics in a Scientific Manuscript


Since its beginning, ChatGPT has been drawing attention, bringing awareness to the increasingly complex capabilities of writing tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Although AI tools can be a great help when conducting research and writing, it remains to be seen whether they can take the position of human authors. While academia was still investigating the potential applications of AI tools, ChatGPT just made its official debut in the world of scientific publishing, according to a recent report in Nature. ChatGPT was listed as a co-author in four scholarly papers. As AI tools like ChatGPT and Large Language Models are [...]

ChatGPT as a Co-author: Ethics in a Scientific Manuscript2023-04-11T20:42:12+03:30

How to Publish an Article for the First Time


It can be difficult to write and submit your first academic paper. From creating an excellent paper to selecting a journal, navigating the submission process, and facing peer review, we have you covered with useful tips. Of course, you should also ensure that the article you post have an impact. Here, we condense their suggestions and compile helpful resources to guide you through publishing your first post. Practical advice for publishing research papers Conduct a peer review of the work of others One of the best methods to learn what constitutes an excellent academic paper is to read other people's [...]

How to Publish an Article for the First Time2023-02-26T16:38:05+03:30

How to Publish a Research Paper: A Manual for Publishing


Publishing your research is an important step in your academic career. While there is not a one-size-fits-all approach, this guide takes you through the typical steps in publishing a research paper. Discover how to get your paper published, from choosing the right journal and understanding what a peer-reviewed article is, to responding to reviewers and navigating the production process.   Step 2: Writing your article Writing an effective, compelling research paper is important to publishing your research. But if you’re new to putting together academic papers, it can feel daunting to start from scratch. The journal you [...]

How to Publish a Research Paper: A Manual for Publishing2023-02-21T18:22:59+03:30

How to Extract the Article from Your Thesis


Turning your thesis into publication marks the beginning of your publishing career. Publishing an article post-Ph.D. is essential as this makes your research more accessible to others. One of the most important points to note is that writing an article from a thesis is not only a task of cutting and pasting. The aim and format of a thesis are very different from that of a journal article or book chapter. The primary audience for the thesis is the examiner, and the student needs to convince the examiner that they have mastered research techniques and understand the opinions they are [...]

How to Extract the Article from Your Thesis2023-02-09T15:26:29+03:30

Writing an Article: How to Write a Successful Research Paper


A crucial aspect of your academic career is publishing an article addressing the findings of your study. You'll be able to write a manuscript that is a perfect fit for the journal of your choice by paying attention to the advice and direction provided here. Know who you’re writing the article for Knowing which publication you want to publish your work in is crucial before you begin writing up your findings. You should consider your intended journal guideline while writing your article to ensure the desired style, format, and guidelines. This increases the likelihood of your manuscript publication [...]

Writing an Article: How to Write a Successful Research Paper2023-03-03T18:30:03+03:30

Footnotes and Their Use in Articles


While reading a book or article, have you ever noticed little numbers placed at the ends of some sentences? These numbers typically appear as superscripts and match up with numerals at the bottom of the page, which are followed by further, necessary, and supplemental information. This material can occasionally be found in the form of citations, but it can also be further notes (footnotes vs endnote) on the subject. How Do Footnotes Work? Footnotes are notes that are included at the bottom of a page and are utilized to cite specific passages of text (generally using superscript numbers). [...]

Footnotes and Their Use in Articles2023-03-12T09:51:43+03:30

Plagiarism and Academic Publishing


Plagiarism involves any attempt to use the ideas, words, or work done earlier by other people, without giving them the credit. It is very important to remember when writing an article to cite all the resources you have used in your text. Most of the time, poor time management or time constraints force the researcher to steal large portions of content from other authors instead of spending time on background research and original writing. By searching for articles related to their subject and copying the entire paragraph from them and pasting them into a new document, the author compiles an [...]

Plagiarism and Academic Publishing2023-03-11T21:17:13+03:30

5 Simple Tips to Write the Perfect Research Paper title


The title is perhaps the most important element of your research paper. The title is the first thing journal editors and reviewers will see when looking at your article, and it is the only information that fellow researchers will see in a database or search engine. Titles that are concise and contain all the relevant terms increase the number of citations. Readers come across research article titles in searches through databases and reference sections of research articles. They infer from the title of the article what the article is about and how it relates to them. Given this, it is [...]

5 Simple Tips to Write the Perfect Research Paper title2023-01-26T13:01:51+03:30

Levels of Evidence in Research Articles


While doing a project, you may find different levels of credibility to report scientific results. For example, using a systematic review or expert opinion to cite an argument is not the same. It is almost logical that the former shows more accurate results than the latter, that the information ultimately comes from the individual. For example, in the field of medicine and health care, it is important that professionals not only have access to information, but also have the tools to determine which evidence is stronger and more reliable, and have the confidence to diagnose and treat patients. [...]

Levels of Evidence in Research Articles2023-01-26T13:03:40+03:30

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