Five Suggestions for Transforming A Conference Paper into a Journal Article


Learning how to convert a conference paper into a journal article is a worthwhile skill for any academic. Conference papers are a great way to present your findings to colleagues and get their feedback on improving your work. It is doubtful that your conference paper will be published as is because the publication of conference papers is uncommon. However, it can still serve as the base for a journal paper. We will look at how to improve your conference paper and turn it into a fantastic journal article in this blog. What is the difference between a conference [...]

Five Suggestions for Transforming A Conference Paper into a Journal Article2023-04-25T16:25:25+03:30

Tips for Successful Academic Conference Presentation


How to get the most out of conferences? Academic conferences can significantly pave the way for your research career. They allow you to network, find new co-authors or collaborators, keep up with the most recent advancements in research, and gain a broader perspective on your area. However, it can be intimidating to attend a conference for the first time. If you are presenting your work at the conference, you will have new names to memorize, new concepts to understand, and feedback to consider. So, in this essay, we walk you through some of the essential factors to make the most [...]

Tips for Successful Academic Conference Presentation2023-03-03T18:29:47+03:30

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