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Various Types of Open Access in Scientific Journals


Open access is an evolving path for scientific communication because it gives researchers maximum access to research related to their field and also helps the researcher to have a broader view of their research. So, scientific associations, investors, and many academics support open access and seek to raise awareness of its potential benefits. In recent years, free access has steadily gained momentum. Most magazines and publishers today have open-access channels, and authors have the right to publish their articles freely. As a result, researchers can increase their chances of being seen and read by publishing their work in reputable open [...]

Various Types of Open Access in Scientific Journals2023-03-12T21:14:19+03:30

Common Misconceptions about Open Access


Authors are often unsure about publishing their articles in open access journals. This is largely due to some common misconceptions about open access magazines. Here are some common misconceptions: Open access journals have a low impact factor: this is one of the most common misconceptions among authors. Many open access journals publish articles that are highly cited and receive high impact factors. For example, Living Reviews in Relativity has an impact factor of 32. In addition, authors should keep in mind that the impact factor is not the most reliable quality indicator of a journal. Publication in open access journals [...]

Common Misconceptions about Open Access2023-03-12T09:38:15+03:30

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