What Is a Scholarly Source?


In the realm of academia, the term "scholarly source" is one of the cornerstones of credible and authoritative research. Understanding what constitutes a scholarly source is vital for students, researchers, and academics alike. This article delves into the definition, characteristics, types, and significance of scholarly sources, providing a comprehensive overview of their role in academic research. Definition of a Scholarly Source A scholarly source is a publication that is written by experts in a specific field and is intended for an academic or professional audience. These sources are characterized by their rigorous research methodology, critical analysis, and [...]

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Scholarly source


A scholarly source is a type of academic resource that is considered reliable and reputable in a particular field of study. This type of source is peer-reviewed by experts in the field, and it is held to a high standard of quality and accuracy. Scholarly sources are essential for academic research, as they provide a foundation for understanding the latest knowledge and developments in a particular discipline. Types of Scholarly Sources: Peer-reviewed journals: Journals are one of the most common types of scholarly sources. They are published by academic societies or publishers, and they provide a venue [...]

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