Advantages of Performing Peer Reviews


Peer review is an essential step in the publication of scientific research and, by extension, in the practice of science. Many researchers, however, may be excused for wondering "Why should I become a peer reviewer" given their already extensive burden. This post will discuss peer review, why it is worthwhile to volunteer to be a peer reviewer, and how to get started. We will also learn about the opinions of some early-career researchers regarding peer review. What does peer review entail and why is it important? To ensure that solid, high-caliber research is published, peer review is essential. [...]

Advantages of Performing Peer Reviews2023-05-09T15:22:46+03:30

Why the Peer-review Process is Done?


What is the importance of peer-review process? The peer-review process aims to ensure the publication of useful and high-quality scientific articles for the scientific community. The peer-review process may lead to the rejection or revision of the manuscript. Although this step may be of concern to the authors, the revisions improve the quality of the manuscript. Peer-review is a process that confirms the scientific validity of the journal In the process of peer-review, the reviewers approve or reject the scientific quality of the submitted article. In case of scientific validity, the manuscript goes to the next stage. If [...]

Why the Peer-review Process is Done?2023-03-12T09:17:52+03:30

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