To speed up the article review process, authors can take several steps


By addressing these common reasons for delays in the article review process, authors can help expedite the review process and increase the chances of timely publication of their research. 1. Ensure manuscript quality: Submit a well-written, well-structured, and error-free manuscript that meets the journal's guidelines. 2. Format to journal style: Format the manuscript according to the journal's guidelines to minimize the need for revisions. 3. Make a pre-submission inquiry: Consider making a pre-submission inquiry to gauge the journal's interest in the manuscript and to avoid unnecessary submissions. 4. Suggest peer reviewers: Suggest potential peer reviewers who are [...]

To speed up the article review process, authors can take several steps2024-05-26T11:49:44+03:30

Systematic Review Articles


What is a systematic review? Given the continuous rise in the number of studies being published in the field of health sciences, it becomes quite difficult, if not impossible, for busy clinicians and researchers to stay updated with the vast amount of literature. Consequently, reviews that provide a concise summary of the results from different intervention trials serve as an incredibly effective approach to obtain a clear understanding of what interventions are effective and which ones are not. Systematic reviews and traditional narrative reviews differ in several aspects. Narrative reviews are often descriptive in nature and lack a systematic search [...]

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