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By addressing these common reasons for delays in the article review process, authors can help expedite the review process and increase the chances of timely publication of their research.

1. Ensure manuscript quality: Submit a well-written, well-structured, and error-free manuscript that meets the journal’s guidelines.

2. Format to journal style: Format the manuscript according to the journal’s guidelines to minimize the need for revisions.

3. Make a pre-submission inquiry: Consider making a pre-submission inquiry to gauge the journal’s interest in the manuscript and to avoid unnecessary submissions.

4. Suggest peer reviewers: Suggest potential peer reviewers who are experts in the field to help expedite the review process.

5. Communicate with the journal: Periodically communicate with the journal editor to ensure the manuscript is moving through the system and to address any concerns or questions.

6. Write a strong response to reviewers: Write a detailed, polite, and complete response to reviewer comments to minimize the need for additional revisions.

7. Use AI tools: Utilize AI tools that can help in manuscript evaluation, such as screening for content match with journal aims and scope, and suggesting reviewers based on their previous publications.

8. post-review, be prepared for revisions: Be prepared to make revisions quickly and address all concerns of the referees to speed up the process.

9. Consider alternative publishing options: If the journal’s review process is taking too long, consider posting the manuscript to an e-print repository or re-submitting to a journal that allows pre-prints.

10. Be patient and persistent: Understand that the review process can take time, and be patient and persistent in your efforts to publish your research.

By following these steps, authors can help streamline the review process, reduce the time to publication, and increase the chances of their manuscript being accepted for publication.
Some common reasons for delays in the article review process include:

1. Time Spent on Manuscript Review: The time spent on reviewing manuscripts, especially in online journals, can be a major factor contributing to publication delays.

2. Flawed Peer Review Process: The peer review process can be flawed and may lead to arbitrary decisions, causing delays in publishing articles.

3. Significant Delays in Publishing: Delays in the publication process can occur due to various factors, including delays in peer review, editorial decisions, and production processes.

4. Submission of Poor-Quality Manuscripts: Submitting manuscripts that are poorly written, lack clarity, or do not adhere to journal guidelines can lead to delays in the review process.

5. Inadequate Response to Reviewer Comments: Failing to address reviewer comments adequately or in a timely manner can prolong the review process and delay publication.

6. Lack of Communication: Inadequate communication between authors, editors, and reviewers can result in delays in the review process and publication timeline.

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