Human Translation or Software Translation?


Today, when we hear the word "translation", we usually think of Google Translate and similar tools. If we don't get the desired results, we turn to a professional human translator. Human translation is called natural translation, whereas translation carried out by computers and other smart tools is called software translation. What are the characteristics of natural translation? Although humans perform natural translation, the translator can use computers and other translation tools. Natural translation means that the main decision-maker for the translation content is human. The translator can use a tool to translate the text that needs to be [...]

Human Translation or Software Translation?2023-04-23T11:37:12+03:30

The Importance of Translation


The importance of translation in our daily lives is widely multidimensional. Translation not only paves the way for global interaction, but also allows countries to build interactive relationships as they advance in technology, politics, and so on. Although English is a popular language nowadays, the influence of local culture and language remains strong. With the growth of the Internet and communication technology, it is relatively easier to reach an audience thousands of miles away based solely on effective translation. This in turn has led to the need for translation in various fields. The importance of translation A [...]

The Importance of Translation2023-03-11T21:10:07+03:30

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