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Research Bias


Researcher bias is a situation that occurs when a researcher's point of view influences the results of a study. It can be developed during any stage of the research process, including the initial planning stage, theory development, data collection, and analysis. Types of researcher biases Design and selection bias Design and selection bias can occur in the early planning stage of the study. In this type of bias, the researcher selects data collection and sampling methods that remove key information. Procedural bias Procedural bias can occur when various parameters of a process cause inaccuracies and omissions in study results. So, [...]

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Publication Identifiers


Publication identifiers provide information about an article or publication using a set of codes. A publication identifier is specifically useful for article, journal, or book. There are different types of publication identifiers. This article discuss some of the identifiers. What is an ISSN? International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is a unique number used to identify a print or electronic periodical (journal) title, including newspapers, journals, and magazines. An ISSN International Standard Serial Number is an eight-digit serial are assigned by a network of ISSN National Centres, usually located at national libraries and coordinated by the ISSN International Centre based in Paris. The [...]

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Internal Policy and Instructions of Scientific Journals


Just as starting a career and establishing a professional team requires policy and instructions to guide current and administrative procedures. In this sense, scientific journals are no exception. In fact, these rules create uniformity in the scientific journal and the involved individuals know how to act. It can be said that these rules and guidelines help the managers and staff of the journal to make the best decision when they face challenges or they plan to make some changes in the publication process. When a decision is made to publish a scientific journal, the period of publication should be specified [...]

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What is Citation?


If you want to do research, you have to search the literature to find out what has been done about your subject before. You should add these citations to your research proposal. By reviewing these citations, the reviewers will find out if you have read some of the critical research papers. Why is citation important? Quotes show the breadth and depth of your research. That alone makes it important. It also allows readers to pursue their interests in you and confirm your understanding of your sources. Recognizing that every resource you cite has saved you time and [...]

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The Importance of Translation


The importance of translation in our daily lives is widely multidimensional. Translation not only paves the way for global interaction, but also allows countries to build interactive relationships as they advance in technology, politics, and so on. Although English is a popular language nowadays, the influence of local culture and language remains strong. With the growth of the Internet and communication technology, it is relatively easier to reach an audience thousands of miles away based solely on effective translation. This in turn has led to the need for translation in various fields. The importance of translation A [...]

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The Difference between a Statement of Purpose and a Personal Statement


in Do you know the difference between a personal statement and a statement of purpose? This article offers all of the information you need to ensure that your acceptance article is written correctly. Every postgraduate applicant will very certainly be required to submit a statement in support of their candidacy. In certain circumstances, you will be requested to submit a personal statement, while in others, a letter of intent will be required. You should, at the very least, write both (and perhaps an additional acceptance article). So, It is important to understand the distinctions between a statement of purpose and [...]

The Difference between a Statement of Purpose and a Personal Statement2023-03-12T21:29:50+03:30

How to Survive in Academia: Publish or Perish


The ultimatum is well known to academics: publish original research, or risk damaging your reputation—or even losing a professorship. The phrase publishes or perishes dates back to 1942 when a sociologist named Logan Wilson used it in a book studying academia as a career. At the time, he described the "publish or perish" credo as a "prevailing pragmatism forced upon the academic group," and it still feels this way too many of today's academics and researchers. For those working within the publish-or-perish system, it can be a stressful lifestyle. Academics must publish research not simply to stay relevant, but it [...]

How to Survive in Academia: Publish or Perish2023-03-11T21:08:33+03:30

How to respond to peer-reviewers


When you submit your research paper to a peer-reviewed journal, you will probably be nervous to hear the editor's decision. If you are ready to deal with them practically, the journal's verdict and your fellow judges' opinions should not upset you. In this article, we give you some hints to effectively respond to the editors/reviewers' comments. Tips for responding to reviewer comments  As an author, you may be afraid to get feedback from reviewers who request major reviews. It's terrifying to work again for a job for which you have worked so hard. But do not be tempted [...]

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Email Academics in Your Field


Sending an email to an expert in your area can be challenging. Knowing good academic email etiquette can help you create a solid first impression, whether you're a postgraduate student seeking a supervisor for your dissertation or an industry professional looking for a joint job opportunity. In this article, we'll offer some advice on email decorum, preparation, and eliciting your desired reaction. Conduct research before sending Email Before starting, spend some time figuring out your objectives and making a list of scholars whose interests and areas of specialization align with them. Review some of their previous work and publications, noting [...]

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