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If you want to do research, you have to search the literature to find out what has been done about your subject before. You should add these citations to your research proposal. By reviewing these citations, the reviewers will find out if you have read some of the critical research papers.


Why is citation important?

Quotes show the breadth and depth of your research. That alone makes it important. It also allows readers to pursue their interests in you and confirm your understanding of your sources. Recognizing that every resource you cite has saved you time and effort is a way to express appreciation. If you are not sure if a given phrase needs a quote, cite the source. If you know you got information from a source, cite the source.

When writing an article, there is a very difficult formula and format to do.

Begin by stating what you have already said about the topic you researched in the introduction. This leads to the part that is not clear and what your article is about.

When you write this section, as well as the tools you may use, you are referring to other reputable researchers whose work has been reviewed by other reputable researchers.

In other words, you are proving that this is not just your conclusion, but other researchers has also examined and confirmed it. “In this way, you reassure your audience to trust your statement.”

It also indirectly shows that you have “done your homework” and have read about the field of study.

What is the importance of citation in the research paper?

Research is essentially the creation of new knowledge using existing knowledge in a new and creative way to create new concepts, methodology, and understanding. This can include combining and analyzing previous research to the extent that it leads to new and creative results. Hence, citations are important because it helps your readers to understand where you get your material, it is a tool to critique your study based on the sources you used, and it provides an opportunity to gain information about previous studies on the research issue under review.

Why are citations used?

The quotes explain to the readers of your article where you got your material from, a tool to critique your study based on the sources you used, and an opportunity to learn about previous studies on the research issue. Citing sources is also your best defense against plagiarism allegations. The idea of ​​quoting sources is not about referring to words, but referring to an idea expressed by the author. Even if you rewrite the sentences in your own words, this is merely an interpretation, so citing sources in the research is essential.

Why Citation of Sources is Important When Writing?

There are several reasons why researchers should be careful about citing sources correctly

  • Documents act as a tool to verify the reality

    Accuracy is important in any writing, especially when writing about science. Searching for a reference for verification serves as verification double-checking a direct quote, verifying the accuracy of what you have translated, or citing another study that is relevant to your study.

  • Citation makes you a better researcher

    Good research should attract attention to details. It should also help readers to recognize patterns and make connections. Good citation methods can help with both. Proper resource allocation requires a lot of detail.

    Paying attention to one aspect automatically builds good habits in your research. A good bibliography will teach you about the ability to identify trends and patterns because it summarizes a large amount of information in a short space of time.

  • Good citation practices make you a better writer

    All readers and audiences want subtle article in which the text is smooth and good citations provide a strong foundation for the purpose of the study. Citing specific sources for the various facts we present removes the hallmarks of laziness, vague thinking, and sloppiness of writing as obvious generalizations, stereotypes, and false claims.

    When you cite the sources correctly, you do not leave any questions in the mind of the readers about your opinion.

  • A good bibliography shows off your scientific knowledge

    The bibliography is just a collection of different sources that you have read and cited in your manuscript, dissertation, book, etc. Thus, an extensive bibliography is naturally characteristic of a well-read and knowledgeable scientist.

  • Accurate citation methods build your credibility as a scientist or researcher

    The role of a good bibliography for researchers is to build the author’s credibility among his or her peers. The more you document your research and arguments, the more credibility you will have for your colleagues.

  • Citation enables better verification of your work

    Every academic paper is reviewed several times before it is finally published. Therefore, it is better to attribute your information correctly and list all your sources. So, your article will pass these multiple editing cycles with the least criticism and positive feedback.

It should be noted that there are different types of in-text citation as previously discussed. Rovedar Publication can help you to follow the correct format of citation based on the journal you are submitting your article to.

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