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Just as starting a career and establishing a professional team requires policy and instructions to guide current and administrative procedures. In this sense, scientific journals are no exception.

In fact, these rules create uniformity in the scientific journal and the involved individuals know how to act.

It can be said that these rules and guidelines help the managers and staff of the journal to make the best decision when they face challenges or they plan to make some changes in the publication process.

When a decision is made to publish a scientific journal, the period of publication should be specified at the same time, which of course should be in accordance with the goals and vision of the relevant scientific journal.

journal policy

The policy and  instructions of a scientific journal should address the following:

  • Aims and scopes
  • The decision-making process for the rules of the scientific journal

The decision-making process for drafting articles (e.g., peer-review)

  • Strategies for editing and reviewing, articles such as a letter to the editor or an editorial note
  • Existence of conflict of interest
  • Writing and gratitude
  • fraud and plagiarism in writing articles
  • Re-submitting papers and writing multiple papers from a research project
  • Advertising
  • Copyright and legal issues
  • The method of distribution of scientific journals includes free distribution or internet publishing method
  • Journal funding
  • The role of editor, editorial board, editors, licensee, and publisher of scientific journals
  • A detailed description of the role and activities of the editorial board and the structure of the editorial field
  • Connecting scientific research associations with policymakers and executives of scientific journals

Also, a scientific journal should establish a link between scientific research associations and scientific systems.

A scientific journal does this by inviting the right people to attend the editorial board and making sure that the scientific journal publishes all the important and up-to-date topics.


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