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Case Report (Part 2)


In the previous post, we talked about the main aspects of case report. Today, we are elaborating on more points that can help you develop your case report . Author Contributions Providing more clarity about authors increases transparency report , allows researchers' recognition, and increases accountability for all involved parties . However, you do not need to include an Author Contributions section in your manuscript. Acknowledgements section can include anyone who has helped but does not match the authorship criteria. Contributor's Position Definition of the Role Conceptualization Overarching research goals and objectives; development or growth of ideas Curation of data [...]

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Case Report (Part 1)


a medical case report, often known as a case study, is a comprehensive account of a patient encounter. The most crucial part of a case report, and the reason you'd bother to write one, is that the situation is sufficiently unique, rare, or intriguing that other medical professionals can learn from it.  Criteria Firstly, a medical case report should be unique and provide sufficient information about a particular patient's case. It is not necessary to explain a particularly unique or uncommon situation because there is value in gathering information on a large number of [...]

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Meta-Analysis (Part Two)


In a meta-analysis, the first step is to determine the kind of outcome(s), which is either binary or continuous. Relative risks, ORs, and hazard ratios, as well as the absolute risk difference and its inverse, are the most common dichotomous outcomes (ie, the number needed to treat). Mean differences and normalized mean differences are the most common continuous outcomes; the latter is employed when research uses different scales or units. Second, authors should specify whether the model has fixed or random effects. The latter is the most prevalent, and it is based on the assumption that effects vary among studies; [...]

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