Writing an Article: How to Write a Successful Research Paper


A crucial aspect of your academic career is publishing an article addressing the findings of your study. You'll be able to write a manuscript that is a perfect fit for the journal of your choice by paying attention to the advice and direction provided here. Know who you’re writing the article for Knowing which publication you want to publish your work in is crucial before you begin writing up your findings. You should consider your intended journal guideline while writing your article to ensure the desired style, format, and guidelines. This increases the likelihood of your manuscript publication [...]

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Article Pre-submission Checklist


When we look at the process of publishing an article and getting it to other researchers and relevant audiences, we conclude that perhaps writing your article is the easiest part of the process. In this article, we want to remind you of more details about how to publish the article and provide you with a checklist for submitting the manuscript to the journal. In this regard, when you follow these guidelines, you increase your chances of being published in a journal. The very important first step and we have mentioned many times in previous articles, is to make sure that [...]

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How to Choose a Journal for Your Article


After preparing a manuscript, your next step is to choose a journal for the publication of your research. Submitting a manuscript to an unsuitable journal is a common mistake, and can cause journal editors to reject the manuscript without even sending it for peer review. Choosing a journal that matches your study is thus very important because it helps the publication of your manuscript. In this post, we will discuss the most important criteria in carefully choosing a reputable journal to submit an article. Match between the topic of your article and the purpose and scope of [...]

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From Writing a Scientific Article to Final Decision


In this article, you will learn how to write a scientific article for publication and then prepare it for submission. In previous articles, we have explained the different sections of an article to you. Today, we want to review your findings and conclusions on research submissions, scientific illustration, research ethics, and how your article looks by compiling it as an SEO research article. After that, we explain the review process that an article undergoes. Review of findings and conclusions in the research Your manuscript should describe everything in your findings and conclusions concisely and clearly. This [...]

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How to Survive in Academia: Publish or Perish


The ultimatum is well known to academics: publish original research, or risk damaging your reputation—or even losing a professorship. The phrase publishes or perishes dates back to 1942 when a sociologist named Logan Wilson used it in a book studying academia as a career. At the time, he described the "publish or perish" credo as a "prevailing pragmatism forced upon the academic group," and it still feels this way too many of today's academics and researchers. For those working within the publish-or-perish system, it can be a stressful lifestyle. Academics must publish research not simply to stay relevant, but it [...]

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