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When we look at the process of publishing an article and getting it to other researchers and relevant audiences, we conclude that perhaps writing your article is the easiest part of the process.

In this article, we want to remind you of more details about how to publish the article and provide you with a checklist for submitting the manuscript to the journal. In this regard, when you follow these guidelines, you increase your chances of being published in a journal.

The very important first step and we have mentioned many times in previous articles, is to make sure that you submit your article to a proper journal, and more importantly, to follow its instructions exactly. How to Get Published in a Journal

submission checklist

Pre-submission Checklist

What should be considered by the author before handwriting a journal? What files are required during the submission process? We briefly describe each of them below. However, keep in mind that each journal checklist may be different

It tells you everything about what the editorial board wants from you, including details like style guides and word count.

  • What is the quality of your article?

Make sure that the result of your research is logical and that you have been able to express it clearly and completely. You should also use clear and accessible language.

  • Double-check citations

You should always remember to check your quotes twice and then three times. Do you have the necessary licenses for copyrighted content?

  • Write an abstract

As mentioned in previous articles, writing an abstract in articles is very important and effective. In writing an abstract, you should note that your writing is attractive and makes the audience read the article here.

  • Use keywords

Using the right keywords makes your audience and your work easier to find. Note that it is very important to use these words in your abstract

  • Double-check IFAs

Before writing your article, be aware of the IFAs of your chosen journal, if possible. Many magazines offer templates to help you with formatting, style guidelines, etc., which can be a great help.

  • Write a killer cover letter

In this letter, you creatively explain why your article is a good article for a magazine and why the editorial board should consider your work for publication. Make time for this step.

  • Are all your files complete?

Make sure you have all the files you need. It depends on what kind of peer review the magazine uses. In addition, make sure to mark all your keywords on the title page, images, shapes, and subtitles, and tables, as well as descriptions, titles, and each footnote.

  • Who is submitting the manuscript?

The corresponding author is better to submit the manuscript. Make sure to list all information correctly, such as the email address, organization or site address, and full author’s mailing address.

  • Have you included everybody?

Make sure you have all the information you need about each of the co-authors, including name, contact information, and more.

This is an identifier that links all of your work together. So, make sure you include this identifier when you submit your work.

  • Disclosure statements and competing interests

Make sure you are clear about any conflicts of interest.

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