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Crafting an Effective Title, Abstract, and Keywords


What is the significance of selecting the article title, abstract, and keywords? How should one go about making this choice? The title, abstract, and keywords are crucial elements of a research paper, as they play a significant role in the discoverability, readability, and impact of the paper. Here's why they are important and how they should be chosen **Title**  The title is the first introduction readers have to your work, and it should be concise, informative, and attention-grabbing. It should convey the main topic of the study, highlight the importance of the research, and attract readers. The [...]

Crafting an Effective Title, Abstract, and Keywords2024-04-11T10:10:13+03:30

Crafting Effective Article Titles, Abstracts, and Keywords


Crafting Effective Article Titles, Abstracts, and Keywords: A Guide for Academic Authors In the vast landscape of academic publishing, where competition for readers' attention is fierce, the importance of crafting compelling article titles, abstracts, and keywords cannot be overstated. These elements serve as the first point of contact between your research and potential readers, influencing their decision to engage with your work. This comprehensive guide explores the strategies and best practices for writing attention-grabbing titles, informative abstracts, and relevant keywords to maximize the impact and visibility of your scholarly publications. 1. Writing Captivating Article Titles: a. Be [...]

Crafting Effective Article Titles, Abstracts, and Keywords2024-02-25T09:59:33+03:30

Quick Guide to Designing Graphical Abstracts


Here are our top tips for designing graphical abstracts. Types of Graphical Abstract There are numerous ways to build a graphical abstract. Based on your methodology, your final graphical abstract will reflect your selected art and style. You should determine the type of your graphical abstract at the beginning. This will assist you in developing a genuine design that will best serve your needs. Types Of Graphical Abstract: Diagram: This abstract type comprises diagrams and technical language and is often good for chemistry journals. Visual Abstract: This type of abstract comprises a title, some visuals, key data, and a visual [...]

Quick Guide to Designing Graphical Abstracts2023-03-11T21:29:23+03:30

Top Tips for Designing Graphical Abstracts


In this article we are trying to address tips that you need to know for designing a graphical abstract. 2. Create your graphical abstract with the right tools After you've decided on a sort of graphical abstract, you'll need to select the correct tool to create it. You'll need a tool that allows you to search for shapes and visuals that are relevant to your topic matter. Since all researchers or students do not have access to professional software like CorelDraw or Photoshop, finding a suitable substitute is essential. 3. Concentrate on the goal of your [...]

Top Tips for Designing Graphical Abstracts2022-11-27T16:20:42+03:30

Parameter vs. Statistic


When we delve into the world of statistics, two fundamental concepts emerge—parameters and statistics. These terms may seem abstract, but they are at the heart of statistical analysis. Understanding the key differences between parameters and statistics is crucial for anyone involved in research, data analysis, or decision-making. In this article, we will explore the meaning of these terms, their roles in statistics, and why they matter. Parameters: The True Characteristics What Are Parameters? In statistics, a parameter is a numerical value that describes a characteristic of a population. A population is a complete set of individuals, items, [...]

Parameter vs. Statistic2023-10-29T08:54:53+03:30

Action Research


Action Research: Empowering Change Through Inquiry and Collaboration Introduction: Action research is a dynamic and participatory approach to research that emphasizes collaboration, reflection, and practical solutions to real-world problems. It is a process that brings together researchers and practitioners to identify, investigate, and implement strategies for positive change within specific contexts. In this article, we will explore the key principles, stages, and benefits of action research, highlighting its significance in empowering individuals and communities to actively engage in problem-solving and continuous improvement. Understanding Action Research: Action research is grounded in the belief that knowledge is co-constructed through [...]

Action Research2023-07-27T11:31:09+03:30

Short Communication Articles


The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) does not provide a specific definition for short communications (also known as brief communications). However, generally, a short communication is considered to be a concise and independent report that makes a significant contribution to science. It is important to note that the terms "Short Communication" and "Special or Rapid Communication" are sometimes used interchangeably, but they have distinct differences, as explained below. Short communications are typically not meant to publish preliminary results of ongoing or recently completed studies unless the results are exceptionally interesting and relevant. Typically, a short communication is limited [...]

Short Communication Articles2023-05-22T09:11:00+03:30

How to Turn Your Ph.D. Thesis into a Successful Book


It is beneficial to undertake research as part of a PhD. It is beneficial to both the researcher, who has invested countless hours in the effort, and those determining whether the research should lead to the award of a PhD degree. However, can larger audiences benefit from the study? The short answer is yes; research done as part of a PhD is at the core of many successful academic books. What choices to think about before publishing your Ph.D. thesis as a book? The vast majority of the time, journal articles are used to publish PhD research. The [...]

How to Turn Your Ph.D. Thesis into a Successful Book2023-05-18T10:27:12+03:30

Systematic Review Articles


What is a systematic review? Given the continuous rise in the number of studies being published in the field of health sciences, it becomes quite difficult, if not impossible, for busy clinicians and researchers to stay updated with the vast amount of literature. Consequently, reviews that provide a concise summary of the results from different intervention trials serve as an incredibly effective approach to obtain a clear understanding of what interventions are effective and which ones are not. Systematic reviews and traditional narrative reviews differ in several aspects. Narrative reviews are often descriptive in nature and lack a systematic search [...]

Systematic Review Articles2023-05-15T14:55:18+03:30

Free Format Submissions


Should you, as a researcher, focus on gathering information or on structuring your work in accordance with the requirements of the target journal? And not all journals support these formats. To maintain its publishing standards, each journal has its own set of technical and formatting guidelines that it adheres to. It might be challenging to keep up with the distinct stylistic and formatting requirements of each journal when you are a researcher working day in and day out in a lab to perform research that will eventually be published. As a result, researchers have been pleading with editors and publishers [...]

Free Format Submissions2023-04-26T11:19:40+03:30

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