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Vision and Mission of a Scientific Journal

Generally, scientific journals should have a strong argument for publication as the vision of a scientific journal.

The mission and vision of a scientific journal should address all individuals (readers, authors, editors, and editors) as well as sponsors of scientific journals to meet the goals.

Although vision writing is an important part of establishing a scientific journal, some changes may be made to the vision at the time of publication or in some cases it would include content or structural changes. The what is the legal age for casino results of each win are generated with a perfect random number generator and the result is a full combination of the main symbols.

In expressing the mission and vision of a scientific journal, concise sentences are of utmost importance.

However, the vision of a scientific journal should provide detail to make the best decision about inviting editorial board members.

mission and vision

Scientific knowledge of societies or to collect some articles and publish them?

Although in a scientific journal, both the promotion of the scientific knowledge of the communities and the publication are very important, choosing the exact priority of the journal helps the editors and publishers to make the best decision for the future of the journal.

Vision of a scientific journal can be improving the general knowledge of the community on a particular topic. In this case, this journal should published articles in print and in the official language of the country.

However, if the goal of a journal is to increase research in the field of expertise at the international level, it is better to publish scientific journals with original articles in English and online (for more details about the difference between online and in print journals click here).

Consequently, to develop the vision and goals of the journal, the editor-in-chief of the journal must answer the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of publishing a scientific journal? (Existential philosophy)
  • Who is the audience of the scientific journal? (Contacts )
  • What does the scientific journal publish? (Journal subject)
  • How to present the content of a scientific journal? (Release type)

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