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Important and key points in writing an article are among the things that if you know and master in using them, you will be able to attract more audience to read your article. Writing one or more articles with different scientific topics is time-consuming and tedious, which will also reduce the quality of the article. Therefore, applying these points in writing an article is a shortcut and makes the process of writing an article easier and simpler. On the other hand, it can increase the chances of accepting and publishing the article of people who have learned these points well in the most reputable journals. In the following, we will point out the most important and key points for writing a quality article.

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Tips to improve writing scientific texts

Writing scientific texts may seem difficult to some writers. However, by following the tips in this article, this process can also be simplified. Writing scientific texts includes steps for the logical and clear formation of scientific texts. Knowing the basics of writing scientific texts plays an important role in turning you into a capable writer. These points are listed below:

Development of the main idea

The development of the main idea of the research forms the basis of the scientific discussion in the scientific literature. If your main idea is to discuss research and assistance in the treatment of a particular disease, you should focus on developing and supporting these benefits.


At this stage, you should gather as much scientific resources as you can. Reading more resources will help you come up with ideas. Research also helps you find the most effective theories to support your argument in scientific texts. The more scientific resources you find that support your idea, the stronger your scientific argument will be.


One of the important aspects of writing scientific texts that should be paid special attention to is the audience. The purpose of writing scientific texts is to effectively transfer information and knowledge to the audience. So keeping in mind the audience will help you focus on your ideas effectively and clearly.

Importance of organization

Scientific texts have a format that helps to develop your ideas. Without this template, you may end up with an incomplete discussion. Focusing on the format of scientific texts and organizing the scientific text in front of you will help you in developing and presenting a scientific discussion.

Develop a detailed plan

One of the key points in writing an article or any other research is to consider correct and accurate planning through which you can present and express your hypotheses in full. In this way, you should first know what the main idea and plan are to start working or writing an article, then conduct the necessary studies and research in the same direction and collect the results as an article.

First, make sure you have a good understanding of your research. After that, get your ideas by holding brainstorming sessions, and develop an overview of the research. This will help you organize your ideas.

Adequate study and research

One of the ways to achieve the goals of scientific texts is brainstorming. Read as much as you can about your topic. Once you are sure of the topic of the article, you should do extensive research and sufficient research to access valuable resources, because this is another key point in writing an article. It is also important to create a clear schedule for writing. Spending time reading and writing will help you become a better science writer.

If, after doing the necessary research, you feel that you can use your studies to write an article, then start as soon as possible.

When an article is submitted to a high-quality journal, it is critically reviewed before being selected for peer review. However, it is very important to pay attention to correcting superficial errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting in writing a scientific article. Editing also takes an in-depth look at how information and ideas are presented. While editing involves all the steps involved in proofreading, the focus is on making changes that make the article easier to understand, more organized, and more relevant to the audience. Since editing is an essential part of formulating a research argument, it must be addressed several times during the writing process. As a result, you will have to read your scientific text over and over again and carefully review it when editing it. When correcting your scholarly text, you should be able to correct any mistakes that lead to the weakness of your scholarly discussion.

Scientific theft

Plagiarism occurs when you use the work of other researchers and claim that the research findings belong to you. This is considered a serious insult to the scientific community. So to avoid this, you need to learn how to cite scientific texts.

Express the content in a specific framework 

Unless a specific framework is provided for the article, it is not possible to see the order in the content provided. Order in expressing the content and having a clear format is one of the key points in writing an article. Of course, regular expression of research or description of studies will only be applicable if you are sure of the hypothesis or topic you have chosen to write the article. This reassurance helps you not to jump from branch to branch to express your mental assumptions.

Information category

When researching and conducting studies to write an article, it is better not to forget to take notes and categorize the necessary information. In this case, you can easily create the best content with correct and beautiful sentences while writing the article and using these notes.

Pay attention to the structure and important parts of the article

One of the influential factors in writing an article is to pay attention to follow a the correct structure. In this way:

Attractive title

The attractiveness of the title is very effective in catching the attention of the audience. Along with other important components of article such as introduction and abstract, a good title will greatly help the success of your article in competing with other articles. Always keep in mind that a good title will attract a specialized audience and encourage the audience to read your article.

Pay attention to grammar                                                     

Grammar is one of the most difficult aspects of writing a scientific text. When writing scientific texts, useless unknown sentences and try to use more known sentences.

Accurate spelling of words, grammar, and punctuation will help you write more effective text.


In writing an article, abstract is very important because it can encourage audience to continue the article. Of note, abstract should include aim of the study and brief explanation of the research results.

Writing an abstract is essential for any written research because it is what is used when searching. It should be usually in the range of 100 to 250 words. The article keywords should be used as much as possible in the abstract because databases use the most common words to index content. Therefore, knowing how to write a complete, descriptive abstract will allow more people to find and use your research. Moreover, using the right keywords will help others easily search for information. An interesting summary also makes the audience eager to read the whole article


One of the key points in writing an article is to start the article with an excellent introduction. It includes explanations of the subject, and title of the article, along with stating the author’s aims and presenting projects.

Research Methods

The most important part in writing an article, presented after the title and introduction, is the method of the research. Materials and employed methods are important factors for accepting and publishing a scientific research article. In this section, detailed ideas and hypotheses of the author are presented and proceeded to achieve the desired results.


After completing the working method of the article and achieving the necessary achievements, it is time to conclude. In this final section, important information obtained as a result of the researcher’s study will be presented. Here, the correct and principled expression are the key points in writing the article.

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