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Identifying and Combatting Predatory Journals


Introduction: The scholarly publishing landscape has seen a surge in the number of journals in recent years, providing researchers with diverse platforms to share their findings. However, this proliferation has also given rise to predatory journals that exploit the academic publishing system for financial gain, jeopardizing the integrity of scientific research. Detecting predatory journals is crucial for maintaining the credibility of academic discourse and safeguarding the reputation of researchers. In this article, we will explore various strategies and indicators to help identify and combat predatory journals. Understanding Predatory Journals: Predatory journals are characterized by unethical practices, often [...]

Identifying and Combatting Predatory Journals2024-01-28T10:24:52+03:30

Rovedar Journals Secure Long-Term Accessibility with PKP and Portico


We are thrilled to announce that the scientific Journals of Rovedar have taken a significant step forward in preserving and disseminating scholarly knowledge. We are pleased to inform our valued readers, contributors, and the academic community that the Journals of Rovedar are now archived in both the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) and Portico. This momentous achievement reinforces our commitment to long-term accessibility and ensures that our valuable research content will be available for generations to come. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have contributed to making this milestone possible, and we look forward to continuing our mission of [...]

Rovedar Journals Secure Long-Term Accessibility with PKP and Portico2023-09-25T17:11:49+03:30

Avoiding Predatory Journals


Safeguarding Your Research: A Comprehensive Guide to Avoiding Predatory Journals Introduction In the ever-evolving world of academic publishing, the rise of predatory journals has posed a significant challenge for researchers seeking to disseminate their work. Predatory journals exploit the open-access model, luring authors with promises of rapid publication but providing little to no peer review or editorial scrutiny. This article aims to empower researchers by providing a comprehensive guide on how to avoid falling victim to predatory journals. By understanding the warning signs and adopting best practices, you can protect your research, reputation, and the integrity of scholarly publishing. [...]

Avoiding Predatory Journals2023-09-21T10:21:21+03:30

Predatory Journals


Predatory Journals: A Growing Threat to Academic Integrity Introduction In the realm of academic publishing, the emergence of predatory journals poses a significant threat to the integrity of scholarly research. These journals, often disguised as legitimate publications, exploit the desire of researchers to publish their work and gain recognition. However, they lack the essential peer-review process and ethical standards, leading to a host of problems for both researchers and the scientific community as a whole. In this article, we will delve into the world of predatory journals, examining their characteristics, consequences, and strategies to identify and avoid them. [...]

Predatory Journals2023-09-07T09:56:05+03:30

ISI Delisted Journals


The suspension of the largest journal from the MDPI publishing group by the ISI has arrived. It is time for serious combat against mega-journals. Recently, the ISI has removed the indexed journal International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH; published by the large MDPI publishing group) from its list. This means that IJERPH no longer has an impact factor. Why is this very important news? What are the consequences of this removal for the journal, its authors, the publishing world, and other mega-journals? The news was very shocking: "WoS has announced several removal lists [...]

ISI Delisted Journals2023-04-23T11:41:40+03:30

Various Types of Open Access in Scientific Journals


Open access is an evolving path for scientific communication because it gives researchers maximum access to research related to their field and also helps the researcher to have a broader view of their research. So, scientific associations, investors, and many academics support open access and seek to raise awareness of its potential benefits. In recent years, free access has steadily gained momentum. Most magazines and publishers today have open-access channels, and authors have the right to publish their articles freely. As a result, researchers can increase their chances of being seen and read by publishing their work in reputable open [...]

Various Types of Open Access in Scientific Journals2023-03-12T21:14:19+03:30

Internal Policy and Instructions of Scientific Journals


Just as starting a career and establishing a professional team requires policy and instructions to guide current and administrative procedures. In this sense, scientific journals are no exception. In fact, these rules create uniformity in the scientific journal and the involved individuals know how to act. It can be said that these rules and guidelines help the managers and staff of the journal to make the best decision when they face challenges or they plan to make some changes in the publication process. When a decision is made to publish a scientific journal, the period of publication should be specified [...]

Internal Policy and Instructions of Scientific Journals2023-03-12T09:47:21+03:30

Checklist for Submitting Articles to Journals


If the golden rule of academics is "publish or perish," then preparing a journal article for publication is akin to death. The reason is thousands of paper cuts and a slew of flaws ranging from wrongly cropped photographs to text . The ultimate journal article submission checklist will help you organize, chronologize, and prioritize each stage of article preparation for journal submission. At this stage, you should have already carried out your study, confirmed your findings, and made your conclusions. Now, it's time to bring it all together in a logical text. We start this checklist considering you've finished writing, [...]

Checklist for Submitting Articles to Journals2023-03-12T21:20:53+03:30

How to Handle Rejections from Academic Journals


You did the research and you conducted the study. You still remember that first morning at your desk: a mug of coffee steaming to your right and reams of crumpled notes to your left, next to a stack of articles marked up and highlighted beyond recognition. The way that blank white screen glared back at you, mocking you. Judging you. That moment of apprehension as you typed the first word. There were bad days. There were good days. Some nights, you rolled over in bed, wondering if you ought to just scrap the whole thing. Other nights, you collapsed onto [...]

How to Handle Rejections from Academic Journals2023-03-11T21:06:32+03:30

Rethinking Journal Quality Metrics


Rethinking Journal Quality Metrics: Beyond Impact Factor In the academic world, the pursuit of knowledge dissemination and scholarly excellence is underpinned by the quality of journals in which research findings are published. Traditionally, the impact factor has served as the gold standard for assessing journal quality, but its limitations and biases have sparked debates about its efficacy as the sole indicator of scholarly merit. This article critically examines the question: Is impact factor the best indicator for journal quality? Understanding Impact Factor: The impact factor, introduced by Eugene Garfield in the 1960s, quantifies the average number of [...]

Rethinking Journal Quality Metrics2024-02-29T10:51:30+03:30

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